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    Most of us have experienced some degree of trauma that impacts our lives and our way to respond to the present moment.

    Our goal is to help you look at your traumas in a more compassionate way.

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    Welcome to Compassion Therapy, begin healing trauma through connection.

    We are a group of therapists who operate within the Compassionate Inquiry approach, developed by Dr. Gabor Maté, aiming to address and reframe the imprints of trauma that manifest in the present moment. With diverse backgrounds, we focus on assisting youth, children and adults struggling with challenges in life derived from trauma or other adversities. Our services, available in multiple languages, extend across various countries, offering support in Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, English, and Swedish. Our philosophy is rooted in co-creating a compassionate relational space where you can experience safety and personal resilience at your own pace.

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    We work under the major principles of a Trauma Informed Practices

    We work under the major principles of a Trauma Informed Practices, as defined by National Center for Trauma Informed Center -NCTIC 2019

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    1. Trauma

    Trauma is part of many disorders and challenges for people of all ages. A trauma- informed view recognises that there is an interrelation between trauma and potential outcomes of trauma – substance abuse, eating disorders, depression and anxiety.

    2. Psychological experience

    Trauma is not just a psychological experience; it is a mind-body experience. The role of the body, physiology, neurobiology and neurodevelopment must be emphasized. Mind- body responses define how trauma is experienced.

    3. Symptoms

    Symptoms and trauma reactions are reframed as Adaptive Coping mechanisms necessary to survive, not a pathology. Rather than defining behavior with pathology, responses are reframed as normal reactions to abnormal circumstances when it comes to traumatic events.

    4. Reframes

    The individual, family, group or community is empowered to collaborate in therapy, and intervention reflects cultural preferences and worldviews. Trauma Informed practice reframes the individual as a Participant rather than as a patient.

    5. Trauma-informed practices

    The individual, family, group or community is viewed as having the potential not only to survive, but also to thrive. In Trauma-informed practice, enhancing personal resilience and the capacity for post-traumatic growth are as important as addressing the trauma itself.


    Our Team

    Joakim Appell

    Compassionate Inquiry - Swedish, English on Zoom or in-person in Stockholm

    Georgina Navarro

    Compassionate Inquiry and Art Therapy - English, Spanish, and Portuguese on Zoom or in-person in Florianopolis, Brazil.

    Irina Sadakova

    Qigong master and Compassionate Inquiry informed - Qigong master and Compassionate Inquiry informed - English or Russian on Zoom. Swedish, English or Russian on Zoom.

    I highly recommend Joakim as a therapist. I’ve seen him myself and hired him to see clients in my treatment centers. With his presence and ability to attune with the client he establishes the safety and space needed to let the client go through the heaviest, darkest thoughts and emotions and land in safety and compassion.

    Fredrik W.

    Very nice therapy sessions!!

    Warm presence, really made me feel heard and allowed to be. compassionate guidance helped me handle emotions and to see what has previously been hidden. A really great space and a great opportunity to heal! Thanks!

    Erick G.

    The group therapy I did with Co-Compassion was the most helpful of anything I’ve done. Not only did the therapists have first hand experience with similar trauma, but all the other members of the group did as well. By the time I finished I was feeling things in my body more than I had ever before and now the other types of therapy I participate in are more effective.

    I highly recommend!

    Forrest M.

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