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Co-Compassionate Group Therapy

We aspire to offer groups on various topics and themes to support personal development and collective learning. Whether you’re interested in delving into specific topics or connecting with others on shared themes, we have something for everyone.

Our upcoming group offerings cover a wide array of topics and themes, each thoughtfully crafted to provide a rich and transformative experience. From deep dives into self-awareness and emotional healing to explorations of creativity and spirituality, our groups aim to foster connection, insight, and growth.

Some groups include:

  • Swedish Compassionate Inquiry Circles:  a supportive community of individuals engaging in the transformative practice of Compassionate Inquiry. 
  • Swedish Facilitated Short Courses: Tailored for professional organizations, companies, and groups, our short courses offer practical tools and insights from Compassionate Inquiry to support personal and professional growth.

Additionally, we offer specialized groups addressing religious trauma. These groups provide a safe and supportive space for individuals navigating the complexities of religious trauma and seeking healing and understanding. For more information on joining these groups, please reach out to Joakim.

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