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Compassion Therapy and qigong 12 week program

Join us for a transformative 12-week journey combining Compassionate Inquiry (CI) and Qigong, designed to deepen your self-awareness and inner balance.

The course is designed to guide you through a deeper understanding of yourself, your body, and your mind. Each session extends over 2-2.5 hours and begins with a brief Qigong session followed by a Compassionate Inquiry exploration, ending with a longer Qigong session. By going through this process, you will gain deeper insights and increase your awareness of yourself, your body, and your nervous system. You will also receive practical tips to navigate life with greater ease and awareness. 

Led by Joakim Appell, certified CI practitioner, mentor, and group leader, along with Irina Sadakova, CI-informed educator and certified Wisdom Qigong practitioner and leader

  • Language: The course and materials are in Swedish, with PDF resources provided weekly.
  • Location: Online via Zoom, limited to 10 participants on a first-come, first-served basis.The course and materials are in Swedish, with PDF resources provided weekly.
  • Course Content: Qigong and CI exercises explore inner safety, self-compassion, triggers, and authentic self-discovery.
  • Cost: Flexible pricing to reflect diverse economic realities, reflecting our commitment to accessibility.

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