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Integration Processes Compassionate Inquiry & Art Therapy

Embark on a transformative journey with Georgina and Joakim as your guides, where Compassionate Inquiry (CI) and Art Therapy converge to co-create a profound therapeutic experience. Together, we combine these modalities to facilitate a process of embodiment and integration, empowering participants to construct new meanings and restore vitality to their lives.

This dual-modality approach offers a wealth of benefits, including:

01. Processing Deep Insights: Utilize creativity and imagination to delve into profound insights gained from the Compassionate Inquiry process.
02. Embodiment of New Understandings: Experience a profound embodiment of newfound understandings through expressive art forms.
03. Reconnecting with Creativity: Rediscover and reconnect with your innate creativity, fostering the recovery of self-confidence along the way.
04. Restoring Aliveness: Breathe life into new meanings and revitalize your sense of aliveness within your body and being.

Reach out to us to learn more about our dual sessions. We tailor the number of sessions and the interplay between modalities to suit the unique needs and desires of each participant and process.

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