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Compassionate Inquiry - Swedish, English on Zoom or in-person in Stockholm

Joakim Appell

Joakim’s journey is one of profound transformation, marked by the tumultuous waves of addiction, trauma, and ultimately, redemption. Born into a family shadowed by the specter of substance abuse, his path was already paved with the scars of generational trauma. Raised in the confines of a strict and radical religious household, he grappled with the suffocating weight of expectations that stifled his true essence.

From a young age, Joakim sought solace in the temporary reprieve offered by drugs and alcohol. It was an escape, a means to drown out the cacophony of inner turmoil that threatened to consume him whole.

 In the depths of his despair, he stumbled upon a lifeline—a book by Gabor Maté that illuminated a path to healing through Compassionate Inquiry. With each page turned, Joakim found himself drawn deeper into a journey of self-discovery and introspection, guided by the gentle hand of compassion.


For Joakim, recovery was not merely a choice but a necessity—a lifeline thrown amidst the raging tempest of addiction. Today, he stands as a beacon of hope for those navigating the murky waters of addiction. 

In Joakim’s realm, healing is not a solitary endeavor but a collaborative journey—one marked by co-creation and mutual empowerment. Together, he and his clients chart a course towards wholeness, forging a path illuminated by the transformative power of compassion and self-discovery. Through his authentic presence and unwavering commitment to healing, Joakim embodies the very essence of resilience, inspiring others to embark on their own journey towards recovery and renewal.

English and Swedish sessions are available online or in-person in Stockholm.

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• Certified CI (Compassionate Inquiry) Practitioner
• CI Circle leader
• Qualified Private Mentor within the Compassionate Inquiry training programs
• CI Short course Educator for Professionals (click here)
• Cert Specialist Recovery Coach and Sober Companion (IRSI)
• Various recent Trauma informed trainings from TRF, IFS, ACE awareness, mindfulness and with a background as an Assistant Psychiatric Nurse
• Supervision/Clinical Consultation CI Mentors Lois Ehrmann

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